At the peak of the digital age, we were looking for something more.  The future was pushing towards digital so we decided to take a look back...


Our Mission

We want to capture and tell your stories with as much beauty and vibrance as they deserve.  Every session or event is treated like a opportunity to turn little moments into works of art that will last forever.  We strive to capture your moments on the media that is the most appropriate for telling your story, whether its digital or film or wet-plate collodian we do it all. 

In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.
— Ansel Adams - American Photographer

Our story telling tools

  • Canon Digital Cameras
  • Blackmagic Cinema Cameras
  • Canon Film Cameras
  • Canon Super 8mm Cameras
  • Medium Format Cameras for Portraits
  • Polaroids and Fuji Instant Cameras
  • Specialty and Antique Cameras for extra character
  • Large format Cameras (4x5) for film or wet-plate collodion
  • Fully functional darkroom for film processing
  • Complete Adobe CC Suite for digital editing