Backdrop Photos are Being Uploaded!

The backdrop images are all almost done!  Thank you all for your patience as we have been working through the thousands of images we took at county.  Making sure that each photo looks its best for the web and for print takes a little time, but thankfully we are almost finished with everything.  For the students who made sale, your images have been delivered to the Showboard and they will be giving them a final check over to make sure everything is correct.  For the 159 students who made sale, your images are already online in our Backdrop Gallery!  

Those of you who pre-ordered images - your photos are being printed now and will be going in the mail incrementally over the next few days.  Pre-order images are getting the special treatment, which is taking just a little bit longer to get them processed.  Each image is being printed at the maximum print quality and is being packaged in archival sleeves and placed in hard mailing envelopes to make sure each is the absolute best and arrives in the absolute best condition!  Pre-order images will be uploaded to the gallery in the next few days.  

If you didn't make sale, or pre-order a photo, your images are coming!  We are still making sure every image looks as good as we can possibly make it so each individual photos gets some editing and retouching.  Because of the difficulty we had with the swine photos, some of these are taking a little longer, but all will be uploaded very soon!

Of course there are 2,212 candids and images taken from inside the ring available at our online gallery.  We have some great tools available in our gallery to help you find and organize the photos you are looking for.  By using our gallery site, you can create a favorites list as you browse and then go back and purchase images directly from your favorites list.  Besides the option to purchase images individually, we have created a few package options for those of you that are wanting to buy several different images.  There's a lot of flexibility there so you can get the images you want in digital download or have them professionally printed and delivered to your home.

It has been so much fun getting work with the KCJLS this year!  We've enjoyed every second of experience and are loving even the tedious process of sorting through photos and information.  You all have made this so much fun and we are just thankful to have had the privilege to be a part of this year's show.  Be sure and head on over to our Facebook Page and like our page as well as follow us on Instagram so you can see the latest photos we are posting and sharing!

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