Church Membership Directories and Photographic Services

Is it time for your congregation to update its directory?  Then we want to help you create your new church directory!  And we're not just talking about printing a new book to distribute to your members.  We want to help your congregation with photographs, information management, privacy concerns, moving into the digital world with your directory and social media, and we want to print your new directory!

With new members coming in, directories can help everyone keep up with who is who and how to contact them.  Besides taking the portraits, we can help you collect, update, and organize the data and get that information back to your church office in the format that will help you the most.  We can create digital directories and help you set up a system or coordinate with your website to allow secure member access.  We want to help your congregation connect with one another, whether they belong to the greatest generation to the digital generation.  

Why Choose Shutter Junkies to Help with Your Next Directory?

Having spent several years in ministry, we understand first hand the challenges and struggles congregations face when it comes to creating a new directory.  Here are a few things that we do different than other companies out there:

  • Pricing is up front - no points systems or portrait sales based goals that you have to meet.
  • Your church is unique - besides creating custom directories that reflect your congregation, we work with you to organize and update data, integrate with your website or existing management software and we provide support long after the books and portraits are delivered.
  • We believe in importance of your ministry!  We're not just to sell directories or photos.  We want to create tools to help your congregation.
  • This your directory - you can have as much or as little involvement in the design as you desire!

So How does this Work?

Its a simple process and we do most of the work!  Here's the workflow:

  1. Consultation - We meet with you at your convenience and talk about what you congregation needs and how we can serve those needs.
  2. Schedule a Photography Date
  3. We send information out to your congregation in advance to let them know what to expect on Photo day with photo package pricing disclosed up front
  4. Photography Day
  5. Consultation on Directory Design and Layout
  6. Photographs are delivered to your congregation's homes
  7. Directory proofs are delivered to you for evaluation and correction
  8. Printing and shipping of finalized directories

Pricing is up front.  Printing a directory does have a cost associated with it.  Even if a company promises you "free" directories based on a certain amount of portrait sales, we all know that it is still the congregation that foots the bill.  We work by asking each family to buy one directory, on their own.  They will also receive a FREE 8x10 portrait with the purchase of the directory.  For most congregations, a 20 page directory will cost around $15.  The option exists for families to purchase more photographs at additional cost.  But the $15 covers the cost of printing, our time and effort and the church as an organization has to pay absolutely nothing.  We will provide each church with free directories for their office as well as a master disc of digital images for use by the church office.

I'm interested, Tell Me More...

Contact us by going to our booking/contact page, or email us at, or give Rachel a call at (214) 325-9654 to arrange a consultation!