Its Prom Season!

High School Proms are the best.  So much excitement, the air is almost electric!  Students go all out, renting and buying clothes, getting flashy vehicles and limousines to ride to prom in.  Its a moment you definitely want to capture and save forever!

For my senior prom, my parents took pictures with a 35mm disposable camera.  And my pictures look terrible.  They just do.  I cherish the memories that those photos bring back, but the photos themselves are really nothing to look at.  Its a good idea to find someone with a decent camera (not a camera phone, seriously those are terrible...) to snap some photos.  If you can afford it, definitely hire someone!  In ten years, you won't regret it.  

If you need someone to take pictures for your senior prom, send me a message!  Proms are fun and we love doing them.  From pictures at your house, or at the event location, we can make it work.  

To all of my Terrell High School friends out there - your pictures are edited and on their way to print.  You can purchase digital copies with a release for $25 per picture or you can order pictures online by going to the site below.